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Updated preview shots

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A few updated images  


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More fall favorites

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sneak peek shots

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Finally updating this blog with a few new favorites

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Welcome Raya Catherine My beautiful niece Raya Catherine is here! 

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Oliver's birth story

Welcome to the world Oliver Roger Kirkwood!

I am in LOVE with birth photography.  It is down right amazing.  

I arrived at St. John's hospital around 12:30pm June 6th 2014.  Oliver was born at 3:02pm.  Those few short hours flew by as I quietly stood in a corner behind the scenes, capturing every little moment of this amazing birth story.  Birth Photography is candid, unscripted, and unposed.  It is witnessing something that will never happen again and capturing those moments forever.  I am honored to have been able to photograph this event and so incredibly excited to do it again in the near future.  Congrats Kirkwood family!


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Catching up on some sneak peek shots

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Sweet baby boy

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A beautiful lifestyle session on the blog

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Birthday boy

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Welcome baby Teegan

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A few spring previews

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A few favorites from this past years newborns


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Lifestyle session  

A little preview of a fantastic lifestyle session.  Thank you K family for allowing me to capture your beautiful family throughout your gorgeous home!  

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Christmas preview Loving all these Christmas images! 

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Preview shots Lots of beautiful images from the many late summer and fall sessions

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A few more preview shots A few fall preview shots to post on the blog. 





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4 posts in one! A few preview shots of four diffrent adorable families!  With 48 upcoming sessions and countless already shot the blog posts are going to be combined.  Thank you to all my wonderful clients who keep booking me and passing my name along!  I am 110% booked through November with some bookings already filling up quick into December.  Happy Fall!  



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Maren Spunky little 2 yr old on the blog!  So jealous of her adorable hair!

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Chaele & Aaron A beautiful wedding from start to finish.  Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Kersten!  

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B Family

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Two adorable two year olds! Another fantastic family session at the Guthrie.  Happy 2nd Birthday Elliana and Leona!  

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Mini Session favorites

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Walker Art Family session A gorgeous family session on one of the first beautiful summer days!  

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Cousins I LOVE photographing this crew!  They kept me on my toes chasing and sprinting around the Walker Art Center.  What a fun session with four adorable and well behaved cousins.  Can't wait for next year when I will be photographing FIVE C cousins! 


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Brook 15 months Adorable little 15 month old on the blog.  Such a cutie who loved running, running and more running! We even squeezed a 4th of July shot into the session!  

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Markus Happy 2nd Birthday to this sweet little guy!

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Franklin Meet 7 day old Franklin.  

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Mini Sessions I met up with a few families last weekend for spring mini sessions.  We lucked out with a dry morning which was fantastic!  Thanks for allowing me to capture your beautiful families.  I look forward to seeing you all again this October!  

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Annika Beautiful blue eyed birthday girl on the blog!  Annika just celebrated her first birthday.  I LOVED all the adorable outfits mom chose for this sweet baby girl.  

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Bennett Bennett Michael 6 days new and full of smiles.

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Dexter A quick blog post on this 10 day old cutie.  Dexter rocked his session.  He looks pretty cute in that aviator hat!

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Reagan lifestyle newborn I photographed this little beauty about a month ago.  We were able to capture her in her own home for a fantastic lifestyle session.  It is not always easy getting older siblings to sit and pose for any sibling shots but these guys did fantastic!  Welcome to the world Reagan!


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Cole Oh this little guy was so precious!   I was able to photograph his beautiful mama during her pregnancy and was so excited to capture Cole's newborn shots.  He rocked his session sleeping soundly through all of our poses.   Welcome to the world baby Cole!

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Ethan I met up with this little guy and his family at the Guthrie.  This horrible spring weather is forcing us to move all sessions indoors-not always fun for the little ones who want to only run, run, run!   Ethan was a trooper as we all tried our best to work out some smiles and giggles from a determined little guy who not give up his dreaded pacifier.  In the end we were all sweating but it was well worth it for a few little smiles from this adorable little guy.  Happy birthday Ethan.  I had a blast chasing you through those Guthrie hallways!  

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Cake smash cutie Miss Anna just celebrated her first birthday.  We went to town with cake, backdrops, more cake and more backdrops!  Love it when they just sit and smile!  What a fun session with this beautiful little lady.


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Max & Bennett I met up with these adorable little guys a few weeks back.  Max just turned four and Bennett 4 months.  Max pulled out all his grins and was a great trooper waiting patiently as we tried our best to get little Bennett to flash us his grin.  The best part of this session is I found out this family lives in my neighborhood!  Can't wait to see you guys soon at the park!


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Emily Miss Emily came into the studio a few weeks back for her first birthday cake smash.  Poor little one was having an off day and just not feeling "photo" happy.  Happens to the best of us.  Once we pulled out the cake she flashed us some smiles.  Funny how those little ones know just how to get what they want!  Happy Birthday Emily.  I love watching you and your sister grow into beautiful little ladies.





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Rees Rees was 10 days old when he came into the studio.  I photographed big brother Graeme's newborn session just under two years ago. The two look very similar with those adorable chubby cheeks!  Graeme came along for the newborn session and dished out some sweet brotherly hugs & kisses.  I am sure these two will be the best of friends growing up!  I love that I can capture families as they grow.  


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Miss Mara I met up with sweet little Mara a fews ago.  Miss Mara is now 6 months old and full of smiles.  Big sister Gwen was a great little helper giving her little sis lots of cuddles and tickles.  Great to see you E family! I love that we were able to capture Mara in the same yellow basket as her newborn session.  Might have to include this in her 1 yr shots!

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Happy Birthday Easton My sweet little nephew is 2!  He is a hilarious little fella full of laughter.  Happy 2nd birthday E!

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Carter This busy little guy just celebrated his 2nd birthday.  I had a blast chasing Carter up and down and around and around.  He is a quick little man full of energy!  Great to meet you T family!  I look forward to capturing your little guys again soon.

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Myles This sweet little guy just celebrated his first birthday.   We were able to capture every outfit, smile, pose and cheerio filled grin that Myles gave us!  Happy Birthday to this handsome little guy.   Can't wait to see the little man again for spring mini sessions!  


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Miles Sweet little Miles rocked his newborn session sleeping for the full two hours!   We were able to capture his older sisters giving him a few kisses.  This little guy sure is loved!



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Sweet baby Alice Sweet little Alice was a dream to photograph.  This beautiful little gal was so sleepy and fun to pose.  I could have photographed her for days!  Welcome to world baby Alice.  


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Wesley and Will The happy little B brothers are on the blog!  Gosh these boys were fun.   Can't wait to see them again this spring!  

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Beautiful 6 month old I had the pleasure of photographing this little sweetie and her family in their downtown loft.  What a fun session!  Great to meet you J family!  


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Campbells Finally finishing up this amazing session (nevermind the fact that it was from Thanksgiving!).  Beautiful family on a beautiful November day downtown Minneapolis.  

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Meet Blaine 10 days new Beautiful baby boy on the blog this morning!

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Winter Wonderland We picked a fabulous afternoon for this extended family winter session!  Light snow had fallen the evening before leaving the trees covered in beautiful white fluffy snow.   N family-Thank you for inviting me to capture your extended family during the beautiful winter months.  Enjoy.

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W family I am giving this blog one more shot!  It seems to be the first thing to cut when falling behind-hence the lack of posts since September! 

First up are 3 adorable little kiddos I met a few weeks back.  I absolutley love when families try to incorporate some cold weather winter shots into their photo session.  I love that we were able to capture some beautiful falling snowflakes! Great to see you again W family.  



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3 yr old twins I had a blast chasing these two around a few weeks ago! Happy 3rd birthday Eli and Sydney!  

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7 days new Meet Mara at 7 days new.  She is a beauty!  

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Birthday boy This little man is already the big ONE.  Happy birthday Ben!  


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Balloon birthday session Happy 1st birthday Lila!  This was by far one of my favorite sessions.  I'm thinking balloons are going to be a MUST for any 1st birthday session coming up.  


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Reid & Mallory This sibling session was fantastic!  I last saw Reid when he was just 7 weeks old.  He just celebrated his first birthday and is one FAST moving guy!  Happy first birthday Reid!  Great to see you again T family.  

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Karina A few sneak peek shots of this little beauty at 12 days old.  

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Markus This little guy just turned the big ONE.   Happy first birthday Markus! 

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Sisterhood Sneak peek of the Paulson sisters.  Pretty sure these two girls could not be any cuter.  Thanks Katie and Chris for a fun morning session with your adorable family! 

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Bodie A few sneak peek photos of Mr. Bodie.  Such a fun session!  Thank you Courtney and Jed for inviting me to capture Bodie's 5 month milestones. 



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Sticha Wedding This blog of mine is falling far behind (about 25 sessions behind!)

Why not kick off getting back into the blogging routine with a wedding post!

I had a fantastic time photographing this beautiful couple.  We had gorgeous evening sun, a couple surrounded by loving family, and an absolutely stunning location for their intimate ceremony.  Thank you Kerri & Jeff for inviting me to capture your big night.  Congrats to you both!


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Double the fun Gabe and Rudy have reached their 6 week mark!  Here are just a few pictures we attempted to take over Memorial day weekend.  Between feedings, needy 2, 3 and 4 yr olds and a flow of visitors we managed to get just a few pics.  I would love to try again soon but might need to bring about 7 helpers!  Thanks Anna for a great bbq and a fun afternoon of posing your newest little guys.

]]> (Mandy Guth Photography) Tue, 29 May 2012 22:11:00 GMT
Andrew Andrew just celebrated his 3rd birthday and will be welcoming a little brother this July.  I had a blast capturing this handsome little guy.   Great to see you guys again C family! 

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Lucy 2 yrs Sneak peek session of this spunky little two year old and her new baby sister Emily.


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Weston 9 months It was a great morning session with this happy little 9 month old.  Big sister was so patient with her little brother and joined in for many sibling shots.  Mom had so many great outfits for this stylish little fella!  Here are just a few sneak peeks.

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Sydney Sweet little Sydney is on the blog!   I last saw Sydney and big brother Chase for a family shoot over Christmas.  She is now 6 months old and full of smiles!  I love the tutu her mommy picked out.  Great to see you again Sydney!


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Wesley Wesley has arrived!  Some sneak peek photos of this handsome little guy.


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Tauer Twins Welcome to the world Rudy and Gabe!  Anna you are an amazing woman.  If anyone can handle FOUR boys it is you!  

Big brother Leo giving the twins a snuggle during our maternity shoot.

 Nolan and Leo stop wrestling for a split second. 






Rudy: 3 lbs, 14 oz and already flashing the world a smile through his isolet!













Gabe: 5lbs, 15 oz.  












Congrats to the Tauer family!  




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Ava turns one This little sweetie just celebrated her first birthday.  We lucked out with a beautiful evening forecast and a happy little one year old.  Ava was not a fan of touching the grass but rocked the bucket shots for me!  Who knew you could have so much fun in a bucket?  Happy first birthday Ava!  




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Bell Family I was so excited for my little mini session this with family.  Big sister Hannah was eager to help out and even picked out a few spots to pose for me.  Abrianna was all about the smiles while twin brother Ashton was all about exploring.  Great to see you Bell family! It was a busy little mini session but always a blast (even when we lock you kids in the car by accident!)...oh the joys of parenthood.




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Sweet little Nora This little cutie just celebrated her 2nd birthday.  She was a joy to photograph and so polite.  Happy 2nd birthday Nora!



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Reg and George make the blog Last weekend I photographed a very good friend and her adorable little boys.  We hit up an old abandoned barn at the end of our session.  The barn is absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately is going to be torn down so my sessions at this perfect spot are soon to be coming to an end.  The boys did fantastic and I love the barn shots.  Now if only I could somehow buy this barn and transport it to my folks property.  






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Simon (again!) Simon makes the blog again!  How could a beautiful face like this not deserve 2 blog posts? Love this family shot.


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Will and Eleanor I met these two cuties a few weeks back.  They both have amazing eyes!  Will took a bit to warm up to me but by the end of the session was flashing smiles left and right.  It was so great to meet you M family.


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Addy is 9 months I got to see my favorite Addy again!  Can't believe she is already 9 months old.  She was a happy little camper and gave me plenty of smiles!  Great to see you again P family!





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Simon 6 days new Simon was a dream to photograph.  Big brother Colin did so great for just turning two and tried so hard to be very gentle with his new little brother. More pictures to come soon.  Congrats to the K family.  I had so much fun posing your little guy and catching up.  


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Benny at 6 months  

I last saw Ben when he was just 5 weeks old.  He is now a happy little 6 month old who rocked his indoor/outdoor session.  His house has amazing light and fun prop ideas around every little corner.   It was great to see you again S family!  




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Easton 1 yr Happy 1st birthday to my handsome little nephew.  A few sneak peek photos of his indoor session.  Plenty more photos to be taken during our week long trip to Florida.  He is such a happy little guy and very busy.  We look forward to celebrating with you this weekend Easton!  






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Hailey is one I got to meet Ms. Hailey again for her 1 year portrait session.  She did perfect and was just as sweet as I remembered her. Here are a few sneak peeks.  



















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Sweet Emily Sweet Emily.  Her angelic smile and squeezable cheeks made her a delight to photograph.  She was a perfect angel! 



]]> (Mandy Guth Photography) Emily Walker art Mon, 20 Feb 2012 00:09:58 GMT